How do we create a wax seal stamp or soap stamp?

In the following, we will show you how to create a stamp from a raw material to an actual stamp in your hand.

Create a digital artwork

1. First, we will create a digital draft with computer software like illustrator. Our customer will send us the artwork. We will input into the illustrator and make the necessary adjustments; like artwork size, line weight and clear up the image. If customer does not have the artwork. We will also assist them to mockup a draft as per request. So if you don’t know about design or computer software, no worry, feel free to talk to us. We will get the job done!
2. As the machine can only understand the concept of dot, line, and surface but not bitmap, we have to outline the design into a vector format for the engraving machine. People are very confused about bitmap, pixel, and vector. Indeed, I did feel the same before I start this business. I learn it from the scratch. In simple, the pixel and bitmap artwork is only billion of color point (pixel) to form the picture you can see on the screen. It is all pixel. Vector is only dots, lines and surface. The artwork is formed by linking up the dots and line. It is the machine thing. But I just want to tell you they are different, some works have to be done beforehand. Here is a more details explanation on the pixel vs vector.

Stamp Production Start

3. This is the plain brass stamp for engraving. All the stamp size larger then 30mm will look like this. It is because the standard stamp which comes with wooden handle is only available from 20 – 30mm. All the stamp size and shape is customizable. Again, please do not hesitate to talk to our team. You can find out more custom shape stamp on our page.
4. This is the computer aid engraving machine which is connected to our computer. It works just like a printer, we can only export the prepared outline picture to the machine with proper setting and installation. The machine will do its job well. The processing time depends on the complexity of the artwork design and the size of engraving stamp. The more complex artwork and larger stamp size, it will take more time to work it out.

5. Here is how the machine looks like when engraving. The machine engraving blade moving around to remove the undesired part on the stamp. Take custom soap stamp as an example which is showing in the picture. We will remove the white part which shown on the artwork. i.e. The black will be the remaining / the raised part of the stamp. The wax seal is just the reversed version.


6. In the finish stage, we remove the dirt and clear up a little bit. A polishing work is needed to remove the uneven surface after engraving.
7. After the polishing, the stamp is ready to pack and dispatch.

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