A Branding iron; 300-watt high power handheld embossing machine.


In the video, we will show you how to work with a 300w high power machine to do hot stamping.

Why not soldering iron?

We love to work the hot stamping (more: How to do hot stamping with Soldering Iron?) and foil stamping (more: How to do foil stamping with temperature adjustable soldering iron?) with the soldering iron. It is easy, small and lightweight. It can be bought easily in any hardware store. However, the general soldering iron power only works on stamp size within 30mm x 30mm. For larger stamp size we will need a higher power machine to heat the stamp to suitable working temperature. e.g. 100℃ for foil stamping and 250℃ for hot stamping.

Why the 300-watt handheld embossing machine?

So we need a large embossing machine like this? large-embossing-machine

No way! It is too large for the home project. In this context, we introduce a 300-watt high power handheld machine for embossing. This electric branding iron can work with leather stamp size up to 100mm x 100mm. The temperature is adjustable with digital display, it is easier for the user to control the working temperature for the different project. It not only works on the leather but also various material like wood by adjusting the working temperature to the different level. Product details of the electric branding iron can be found in our store – 300-Watt High Power Embossing Machine

Should you have any questions regarding the machine, please feel free to contact us on the facebook page or email ops@blackmarketintl.com.



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