New Designer Collection Wax Seal by LiterallyA |全新設計師封蠟章系列 - LiterallyA

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A new designer collection by @literallya is coming to our store soon. LiterallyA is an artist and influencer. These pieces were designed in response to creating a sophisticated seal stamp that could be used for a variety of purposes. Adding an element of royalty and prestige to the designs makes it seem more personal and elegant which is great if you wanted to add something extra special to your work. #deigner #newcollection #waxseal #sealstamp #royal #prestige #elegant

新設計師系列-@literallya 很快會來到我們的商店。 LiterallyA是一位藝術家。 這些作品的設計是為了創造一個可用於各種目的的優美印章。 在設計中添加皇室的元素使其看起來更加個性和優雅,如果您想為自己的作品添加一些特別的東西,這非常棒的選擇。 #deigner #newcollection #waxseal #sealstamp #royal #prestige #elegant

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