12 Steps to Make a Perfect Wax Seal

How to make a wax seal on letters and envelopes? It sounds easy to do so. Melting and stamping? Yes and No. Melting and stamping is only a part of making a wax seal. We are going to give you some tips how to work it out in an easy way. The demo illustration video shows you how to make a wax seal step by step. We used an electric hot plate for the demo. You can use the candle or glue gun at home to melt the sealing wax.

  1. You will need a wax seal stamp, sealing wax, foil paper and an electric hot plate.
  2. Put the sealing wax into the holder of the hot plate.
  3. Connect the hot plate to the socket.
  4. Wait for about 3 – 5 minutes for melting the sealing wax. (remarks: Melting time is shorter after warming up the plate)
  5. If you do not have an electric hot plate at home, you could cut a small piece (about 0.8 – 1 cm) of sealing wax into the spoon and melt it with a small tea candle.
  6. Drip the wax slowly and evenly on the design area to avoid air bubbles on the wax.
  7. A small coin size (15 – 20mm) sealing wax will be enough for a standard size 25 – 30 mm wax seal stamp.
  8. Stamp on the melting wax slowly to avoid the air bubbles on the imprint.
  9. Wait for 10-20 seconds for cooling down both the stamp and the seal.
  10. Apply a little more force on the stamp to make the imprint more clearly.
  11. Remove the stamp slowly.
  12. Cooling down before to work on another new seal.

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