Free Content – Cornell Note-taking System Template

We love handcraft and calligraphy. We also love using the digital application to increase our productivity. Goodnotes is one of our favorite productivity application on iOS and MacOS system. We share two Cornell note-taking system templates, we are now using for our work.

Cornell note-taking system is originally designed for school study. But we found that it is highly productive for our daily work and planning. We have slightly modified the layout from the original design to suit the daily office work.

We added a header for jotting down the date and topic. A remarks line is left blank for later if we want to add in other information about this note in the future. At the end of the note, we changed the summary into an actionable task list. We can quickly write down the work has to be completed in the day or after the meeting.


We share what we love, we use in our daily life and work. Two free Cornell note-taking template for Goodnotes is now free to download at our store.

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