Useful Tips for Keep Your Wax Seal and Metal Stamp Shinning Like the Gold Medal

Recently I bought a new car to travel between home and office. My friend reminds me to change the engine oil and clear the oil filter regularly (e.g. every 2000 km) to keep the car run smoothly. It also helps to keep its life longer. Besides the engine oil, the breaking system, air filter, engine, gear, tyre … … also need to check and replace regularly.

The metal stamp is the same. They need proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. The wax seal or metal stamp are commonly made in brass because it has a fancy and shiny gold color. Moreover, it is durable. Brass is relatively good resistance to corrosion. But when time goes by, the brass stamp may lose the shiny. In the following, we are going to share how to keep you brass stamp shinning like the gold medal.

The stamp may lose its shiny color due to the oxidizing by the moisture and oxygen in the air. We can restore its shiny gold color by using metal polish.

The metal polish can be purchased from the local hardware store. Any brands are fine. Besides the metal polish, you will need a towel for the work. I highly recommend the Scoot Shop Towel. The shop towel is strong, it is perfect for the polishing work. When you clearing the stamp, I will suggest you to use two shop towels. One towel is used to clear the stamp with metal polish while another one is used to clear up the dirt. Clearing the stamp for 3 – 4 rounds, your stamp should be shiny again.


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