A Story of Custom Wax Seal

In the digital era, we use encryption protocol and digital signature certificate to protect our privacy and verify the sender identity to make sure the content has not be read and be altered by the middleman.

In the past, people used a custom wax seal as an encryption protocol and personal signature to make sure the envelope has been opened and altered by the postman or middleman, especially confidential military information. People would have it own design custom-made wax seal like family crest or royal coat of arms, to prove their identity. It like the signature nowadays.


The wax used for sealing is a fragile material. Once the envelope is opened, the seal would be broken. Although the middleman can seal the envelope by melting the seal. However, the “signature” would be lost. Wax Seal is a good way to protect the content in a letter.


Nowadays, we follow the tradition using a custom wax seal to seal an envelope. People use the custom wax seal for special event invitation, e.g. wedding, company event, party etc. The custom wax seal makes your invitation looks traditional, decent and beautiful!

To create a custom wax seal, please visit our store Black Market Wax Seal and Leather Stamp or email our team for more details.


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